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I met you at Ikea—w4m—26
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Date: 2008-08-05, 4:12PM EST

I met you at Ikea. We were both looking for comforters. I’d seen you in Kitchen and then again in Rugs, had tried not to make eye contact too many times because I didn’t want you to think I was following you. I wasn’t. It’s just that there’s a path everyone has to follow through the showroom—you know—guiding us all through the natural progression of home furnishings, and I just happened to be a few paces behind you. One time, we locked eyes and I smiled, hoping to give a this-is-an-accident vibe, isn’t-it-funny? You seemed to return the feeling.

I don’t know if you slowed down on purpose or not, but we both ended up paused near a set of deep cobalt blue bedding, TANJA BODYR—I wrote down the item, the row and shelf number, row 57, shelf 17, so I could pick it up in the warehouse below if I wanted to. It was rough silk, not shiny but with a sheen, and it was displayed with dark brown sheets. I thought it looked grownup. And okay, I’ll be honest, the slight slip of the fabric made me envision throwing you down, fucking you on that bed, sliding along its surface, grinding into it, staining the gleam of that pure cloth, which, if I bought it, would be the finest thing I owned. You were that gorgeous.

this is in or around Ikea
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